No identity, no story

As a content marketing agency, we regularly get called upon to provide content. No surprises here. The real surprise usually comes in the embarrassing silence that follows the question « Why? ».

Of course, there is no such thing as « not communicating », so you might as well communicate. But to ask for content and to not be able to answer « why? » is quite scary, I’m sure you will agree. Yet a number of companies and organisations we see, are so tangled up in their frantic routine, they cease to question « why » they do things. They loose sight of the bigger picture, they forget what their purpose is, they can’t remember what their values are.

As storytellers (the hip way of talking about content marketing), we are fascinated by stories. Great stories start with a hero. No hero, no story. « So what? », you might ask.

In a recent interesting postRoger Dooley a researcher in NeuroSciences, was quoted as saying « We’re 22 times more likely to remember a story than a fact alone ». Fact.

So, if you’re trying to be remembered by your audience, you need a story. And if you want a story, you’ll need a hero. If you want hero, there’s no escaping it, you are going to have to answer the question « Why? ».

Douglas Geddes

(And if you are wondering what is our « Why », start here).

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